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N Magazine, The Magazine Of Naturist Living

"The Naturist Society's N magazine is the most important naturist/nudist document on the national scene today! Not only is it documenting current naturist activities for history's sake and sharing past naturist experiences to educate us, it is the common denominator and unifier of North American naturists; telling us each issue that we are not alone!"

—Richard Mason, South Florida Free Beaches

"This magazine is a rich source for what's going on in the world of naturism. I'm always delighted and impressed by its breadth and depth. It's a treasure."

—Paul Rapoport, Editor, Going Natural Magazine

"N magazine has set the standards for naturism in North America since its inception. This journal has consistently insisted on not only its content being held to the highest standard, but has also been adamant that its contributors and advertisers maintain those standards. The precepts on which this magazine were founded remain the benchmark by which all others are measured."

—Stephen Payne, Club Orient Resort

About N Magazine:

The quarterly magazine Nude & Natural gives you the skinny on naturist news, views, and updates on the role of nudity across the globe. N offers readers a deftly balanced blend of timely news and features, incisive commentary and reviews, and perceptive site reports from naturist venues near and far. It's all tastefully illustrated with full-color images that take you to the very heart of the naturist experience.

Each month you can find new articles posted here from the pages of N magazine. To see all of the top-notch reporting and commentary in N, pick up a copy at a bookstore or naturist resort near you. Copies can also be purchased through the SKINNY DIPPER SHOP right here on our Web site. But by far the easiest way to make sure that you never miss an issue is to join The Naturist Society. N magazine is just one of the BENEFITS of membership.

Each quarterly issue of N is filled with news and views of nudity in the world. Naturists are featured at play and at work, but it's the travel articles that fill most of the pages! In TRENDS, news from across the globe keep your finger on the pulse of naturism. In VIEWS, naturists give their thoughts on topics of the day and topics of their lives. In TRAVEL, prominent naturist travelers and amateurs tell you how to enjoy the very best in nude recreation. In FEATURES, we take a closer look at issues within naturism and the dynamics affecting the lives of those who live bare. In REVIEWS, N offers thoughtful commentary on fiction and non-fiction works for and about naturism.

Current issue of Nude & Natural Now Available!


34.3 issue of N now available!Once again N magazine 34.1 captures the naturist spirit with a stellar wrap-around cover!

This time we share with you Evolution by Jack Gescheidt. Jack orchestrated this incredible photo while on Half Moon Bay during the 2014 Bare Necessities clothing-optional cruise.

For you naturist history buffs we have an article on Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Natural Nudity followed about Tarzan Lord of the Naturists. Our profiles this issue features Susan Rothberg from Long Island talking about her first naturist experience on Fire Island, and Thomas Lundy, Canadian-born naturist activist. The feature this year is on the 2014 Gatherings and Festivals—if you didn’t attend this year you can read all about it and make plans to attend at least one event in 2015.

We also feature an article on the re-election of two long-time NAC/NEF board members, another on the vision of Cambium and Life in the Dominican Republic. Plus, Michael Cooney, naturist photographer shares his latest colorful adventure creating art and fun with Powder Nudes. We round out the articles with a feature on Vintage Trading Cards. Of course there is the usual N Sight, Letters and a book review…not to mention the Naturist Marketplace and Network all packed into 80 pages.

The word in the office on this issue is WOW—it really is a knock out, from the cover to the network it's a true page turner. You won’t want to miss it!


Article of the Month

Arroyo del Sol — Clothing-Optinal B & B

Issue 33.2 of N features a Los Angeles, California naturist bed and breakfast. Read the article HERE.

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